The benefit of freeing your valuable time will mean in turn you can increase profit, reduce stress and become more successful. Imagine having the time to work on your business instead of in your business.



Brand awareness is key with any business and the ease of finding your business online is becoming more and more important. We have you, your business goals and objectives in mind.


Social Media

All too often, businesses create a profile and that’s where it stays? Regular and interesting posts encourages your audience to engage with you now and in the future. Why struggle with content creation, consistency and management? Even if you do not use websites and apps such as Facebook, Twitter Instagram etc, the majority of your friends, family and customers do and guaranteed, your competitors definitely do. It would be poor business sense to exclude it as a method of reaching your existing (and wider) audiences to promote your products and services. This can easily be managed by Bell4Busines, enabling you to reap the rewards.



Saving you expensive accountancy fees, our book-keeping services can simplify your information and explain how to interpret your figures. We can produce cash-flows at your convenience, ensuring you stay ahead of the game without the hours and stress of compiling the information yourself. Invoicing your customers in a timely manner can benefit a company to no end and we can take care all your administration, leaving you time to make money!


General Administration

Company procedures, forms and general office work can weigh a business down and prevent you from making progress. From as little as two hours per week, we can implement and monitor processes and secretarial services. Courtesy calls, data cleansing and pre-screening can be time consuming, however is absolutely essential. Carried out to identify and remove, amend or update all inaccurate or incomplete data. It is also used to help identify numerous contacts within each company you contact, with the eventual aim of discovering the direct contact details of the decision-maker in any given department. Up-to-date address records for your clients means that your mailshots and flyers will always be delivered to the right person at the right business address, which is paramount to effective business development.


Lead Generation / Business development

Understanding your business position within the market, and how best to move your business forward in the direction you would like is key to any successful company. Our specialist team can arrange face-to-face meetings and/or engage with direct sales calls. We can provide database or contact lists, allowing you to interact with potential clients, relevant to your business’ interests.


Contacts are sourced, usually in batches of 100 or so names/businesses at a time, and are focused specifically on the target audience for your business. Regardless of the target, there’s both good and bad ways of reaching it.